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How to cook vegetables using aluminum foil

Release Tme: 2022-04-27
foil aluminiumstep 1

After washing the ingredients, shred the onion, carrot and black fungus for later use. To marinate the beef, please take an aluminum foil bowl and cut 300g of beef into thin slices, add an egg white, 3g of salt, 2g of soy sauce, add a chopped onion to it, add black pepper according to personal taste, and then grab it well Marinate for 15 minutes.

Step 2

Coat a layer of oil in the aluminum foil and put it on the pan (it is best to pour a small amount of oil into the pan to prevent scorching), add the onion shreds, carrot shreds, corn kernels and black fungus shreds, and then seal the aluminum foil Heat slowly over medium heat.

Step 3

Prepare a rice bowl, pour in two teaspoons of stock (I use Ajinomoto's "Magic Chef Stock"), then pour in about half a bowl of hot water, stir to dissolve the stock completely, and then add a small amount of Salt and soba sauce (you can substitute soy sauce if you don't have it).


Step 4

Open the aluminum foil, turn the heat down, pour in the stock in small portions to cook the ingredients completely. At the same time, use another pot to fry the beef slices first, and then pour them into the aluminum foil (for details, please refer to the practice of "Curry Beef Rice". Because if the beef is cooked with the ingredients, the taste will be old, and it will be slightly cooked before cooking. The taste will be better.) You can also add asparagus that has been fried in oil for decoration. Serve when the ingredients and beef are fully cooked (be careful not to boil the broth, leaving a proper amount of broth will make the vegetable dishes taste more fresh and sweet).

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