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Household tin foil, many people use it backwards, the correct usage is like this!

Release Tme: 2022-04-28
Whether going to barbecue or in a home oven, tinfoil is often used, which is used to wrap food for barbecue, steaming, and baking. Many delicacies can be made with tinfoil, such as grilled fish, grilled ribs, grilled eggplant, enoki mushrooms and various seafood, etc.f

Tinfoil only has a thin layer, the thickness is usually no more than 0.2mm, but it has strong thermal conductivity and high temperature resistance. Using it to wrap food not only heats up quickly, prevents scorching, heats evenly and easily locks the soup, and keeps it fresh and tender It also prevents oil stains from sticking to the oven.

Every time you wrap food in tinfoil, you will face a super difficult problem. How to separate the front and back? Matte side out or glossy side out?

There are rumors about tinfoil on the Internet - it is said that using this kind of thing will cause Alzheimer's disease and kidney failure. Can this tinfoil still be used?

However, tin foil is not tin, so what exactly is tin foil?

Many materials and props are often used to assist in baking, of which tin foil is one of the more commonly used. In the process of barbecue, tin foil is often used

Tinfoil, also called aluminum foil, is mainly used for cooking in the kitchen, holding food, or grilling meat, and wrapping food during barbecue.

Now the tin foil that everyone buys in the supermarket is aluminum foil, which is made of aluminum and does not contain tin. Tin foil is not named tin but aluminum.

The main components of tin foil: aluminum content is 96.91%, and other components are oxygen, silicon, iron, copper, etc.

Will aluminum foil affect people's health?

The answer is no. Because now in the process of making aluminum foil paper, a coating is added to the surface of the paper to prevent direct leakage of aluminum, and no one uses aluminum foil for cooking every day, so there is no need to worry about excessive intake of aluminum when using aluminum foil.

The specific use of tin foil:

It has been widely used in food processing for many years, such as: pop-top cans, beverage flexible packaging, potato chip packaging bag linings, golden candy wrappers, etc.

1. When baking cakes, biscuits or bread, in order to prevent the surface from being too dark, you can cover the food with tin foil, with the photosensitive side facing up.

After covering with tin foil, there is no fear that the bread or biscuits are too dark, so that the heat radiation on the surface of the cake is even, reducing the cracking phenomenon on the surface, and at the same time ensuring that the food is cooked.

2. Friends who often roast meat can use it to wrap the meat and roast it, so that the roasted meat is more tender and moist.

3. You can also wrap the movable bottom mold into a solid bottom mold with tin foil, so that you can use the water bath baking method without buying a solid bottom mold.

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