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What kind of air box is the most ideal choice

Release Tme: 2022-04-26
With the continuous development of society, the aircraft transport is more and more widely used, while in flight, the use of air lunch boxes, is very frequent. So, many airlines are thinking about what the meal is the most suitable for use on the plane.

1.Moderate price. As the demand for airline container large airlines in choice, is of considerable concern about the price. Only as far as possible to reduce the price, in order to obtain a greater profit, so the price of moderate products are more likely to be selected, and is widely used.

2.Easy to use. Generally speaking, air lunch boxes in use need heating in microwave oven or stove, so as to allow passengers to eat warm food. Therefore, this product must be easy to use, not to bring too much trouble to the crew.

3.Environmental protection and energy saving. For air lunch boxes, airlines in considering its economic benefits, energy saving and environmental protection performance is also very important. To minimize the pollution of the environment, energy conservation, so as to do a good Only to meet the three air lunch boxes to is the most ideal choice, so, manufacturers in the production process to the above three extra attention, in order to obtain greater profits

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