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Aluminum container trays for convenient ready-to-eat dishes packaging

Release Tme: 2022-09-20
Many friends have eaten pre-made dishes, and consumers do not need to order them by themselves. Chef, skip a series of preparatory work directly, unpack and simply process it, solve many complex procedural problems, there are many kinds of pre-made dishes, and all kinds of dishes are available. With the improvement of living standards, while paying attention to dishes, Will pay attention to packaging, aluminum foil container as the food packaging of prefabricated dishes, has many advantages that ordinarycontainers do not have. 

Pre-made dishes have been gaining momentum in the past two years. Since 2020, the epidemic has largely stimulated the growth of market demand for pre-made dishes. It has appeared in supermarkets, fresh e-commerce, and takeaway restaurants. The prefabricated vegetable products packaged in aluminum foil lunch boxes are suitable for outdoor heating, which is convenient, hygienic, delicious and nutritious. At the same time, pre-made dishes also appear in the camping scene, which undoubtedly gives campers more choices, which can make the dishes richer, more nutritious, and more ceremonial.

Aluminum container trays for convenient ready-to-eat dishes packaging

Many businesses think that pre-made dishes suitable for camping must be the kind of products that you want to eat but can’t make in terms of product attributes; in terms of packaging attributes, they can be heated directly on a portable cassette stove or barbecue, so pre-made dishes are packaged in aluminum containers. The container trays are the most suitable choice. Prefabricated dishes are a typical case of the integration of upstream, midstream and downstream industries. The upstream is agriculture, the midstream is the food processing industry, and the downstream is the retail and catering industry. Therefore, it involves a wide range of related industries. From the perspective of the complexity of product packaging technology in various industries, prefabricated food Vegetable food packaging and processing is a relatively complex sector.

Aluminum foil lunch box packaging makes the processing of prefabricated dishes more convenient; optimizes the consumer experience; makes the quality of prefabricated dishes more delicious; makes the cold chain logistics of prefabricated dishes more environmentally friendly; Just a simple form of packaging, more of a convenience and safety!

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