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Why is "Tin Foil" an Oven Companion?

Release Tme: 2022-08-06
Because of its unique flavor, barbecue is favored by more and more friends, so many families have purchased home ovens. Many friends know that the role of "tinfoil" cannot be ignored when using the oven. So, why is "tinfoil" often needed in the process of using the oven?

The so-called "tinfoil" actually includes two kinds of tinfoil and aluminum foil. Among them, tin foil paper contains metal tin and metal aluminum; aluminum foil paper mainly contains metal aluminum. Although they have certain similarities in their preparation, that is, they are both made by pressing liquid metal on a plane, there are still certain differences between the two due to the different substances they contain. In appearance, aluminum foil is harder and smoother than tinfoil; tinfoil is easier to fold and is rougher.

In the barbecue, we often wrap the baking pan or the whole food with these two kinds of paper. The former is for cleaning, so as not to contaminate the cooking utensils due to the grease or other substances in the food, and secondly, it can make the heating of the food more uniform. Reduce the situation where some are burnt and some are not fully heated. Wrapping the food with these two kinds of paper and grilling can reduce the loss of food aroma and some substances. For example, after wrapping and roasting beef and potatoes together, the fat in the beef and the moisture in the potatoes will not flow out a lot, and its aroma will not flow out. Also more intense. In addition to this, wrapped food does not cool rapidly for a certain period of time, resulting in a change in taste.

Although with the participation of good companions in the oven - tinfoil and aluminum foil, we can get more convenience and enjoy better taste. However, in the process of using, we need to follow some precautions. Since both types of paper contain metals and metal oxides, contact with acidic substances, such as lemon juice, vinegar, tomato juice, plum juice, etc., should be avoided to avoid chemical reactions.


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