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What Are the Different Round Foil Pan Sizes Available?

Release Tme: 2022-12-28
When it comes to baking, finding the right round foil pan size can make all the difference. From tart shells and cheesecakes to layer cakes, it's important to know which size will create the perfect dish every time. Here we'll explain different pan sizes and shapes along with tips on how to choose the best option for your baking needs.

4-Inch Round Foil Pans

4-inch round foil pans are perfect for single serving portions like mini cheesecakes, small tart shells, and individual fruit tarts. They're also great for homemade candies and chocolates as they provide a smaller surface area with an attractive presentation. For best results, use these pans in combination with a pan extender to conveniently hold the sides while baking.

6-Inch Round Foil Pans

6-inch round foil pans are ideal for small cakes and single-serving portions. In addition to creating beautiful layered cakes, these pans can be used for crisp pies, quiches, small tarts and so much more. When you're ready to bake, an easy way to ensure that your batter stays perfectly contained is to cover the top with a piece of aluminum foil before baking.

8-Inch Round Foil Pans 

8-inch round foil pans are great for medium-sized cakes, tart shells, and pies. Measuring 8 inches in diameter with 1-inch walls all around, these pans offer the right amount of space for making egg custards, traditional cheese cake recipes, tarts and quiches. When using an 8-inch round foil pan, you may need to plan ahead by covering the bottom and sides with a sheet of parchment paper or double layers of aluminum foil before filling your batter. This will help prevent mess while baking.

9-Inch Round Foil Pans 

Perfect for larger size cakes, pies, and quiche recipes, 9-inch round foil pans can hold up to 5 or 6 cups of batter. Measuring 9 inches in diameter with 1-inch walls all around, these pans are most often used for double layer cake recipes because they provide a tall enough space that is perfect for high layer cakes. Like 8-inch pans, it is a good idea to cover the bottom and sides with parchment paper or aluminum foil before filling your batter to prevent mess while baking.

10-Inch Round Foil Pans

A slightly larger size than 9-inch pans, 10-inch round foil pans are great for larger cakes and casseroles. These pans hold up to 8 cups of batter, making them perfect for generously sized baked goods. Measuring 10 inches in diameter with 1.5-inches walls all around, these pans take less time to bake than their smaller counterparts because of the increased surface area. Be sure to line your pans before baking for easy removal after cool down.

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