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The use of tinfoil

Release Tme: 2022-04-23
1. Roasted vegetables or meat: The tin foil has a good thermal conductivity and has a sealing property. When baking some recipes of meat or vegetables, wrapping the ingredients with tin foil can lock in the moisture well and make the food fresh and tender; in addition, it can also avoid over-coloring the food and make the color more beautiful.
2. Baked biscuits: You can also use tin foil when baking cookies or bread to prevent sticking.
3. As a baking pan mat: When roasting meat, we can also place tin foil at the bottom of the baking pan to catch the grease, which is convenient for cleaning the baking pan.
4. Electric generator: Some hair stylists will use aluminum foil to wrap the hair to heat the hair, which has a better heat transfer effect. Improper use of aluminum foil for power generation can lead to problems such as burns and poor hair quality.
5. Oil absorption: Roll the aluminum foil into a ball and open it to absorb the oil from the soup. The principle is that in the process of crumpling the aluminum foil, the surface tension of the aluminum foil will be amplified.

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