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Five benefits of aluminum foil lunch boxes

Release Tme: 2022-04-29

1. Insulation and fragrance

Functionality is the primary mission of packaging, and maintaining the taste and taste of food is the core, so the premise of meal packaging is that the aroma of the rice remains. However, the delivery of take-out meals can be as short as 30 minutes or more than an hour, and the aroma of the rice is very easy to lose, which is why the take-out experience has never been comparable to that of dine-in. Therefore, keeping warm has become the key to maintaining the aroma. The aluminum foil lunch box has high temperature resistance (up to 121 degrees), good oil resistance, and excellent fragrance retention, which can solve these problems well.

The characteristics of preserving fragrance and freshness make the aluminum foil lunch box have the properties of food packaging, and the characteristics of high temperature resistance and oil resistance make it easy to control all kinds of hot food, even in the face of the old difficulty of takeaway packaging - more oil and soup It can be said that aluminum foil lunch boxes have natural takeaway properties.

Aluminum foil lunch boxes are also commonly used as paper-packaged beverage packaging. The thickness of the aluminum foil in the packaging bag is only 6.5 microns. This thin aluminum layer can be waterproof, maintain umami, anti-bacteria and anti-fouling.

2. Harmless to human body

The main material of aluminum foil lunch box is aluminum foil. There is a dense oxide layer on the surface of aluminum foil. The chemical properties of this oxide layer are relatively stable. As long as it is not in a strong acid environment, aluminum ions will not be precipitated.

Moreover, aluminum foil has been used in food packaging for no less than 40 years in Europe and the United States. Now it has been widely used in the Middle East. In the packaging of greasy and hot food and the need for reheating food, aluminum foil is the most suitable and the most popular. It is used for food packaging and takeaway packaging, which is harmless to human body.

3. Environmental protection

The composition of the aluminum foil lunch box is aluminum. The recycling rate of aluminum is high. The recycling of aluminum can reach 25 times.

Compared with the geological changes caused by "white pollution", the aluminum lunch box can be weathered in the soil for two to three years, and will not cause continuous damage to the soil and changes in the implanted properties.

From this point of view, replacing "white box-plastic lunch box" with "silver box-aluminum foil lunch box" is a priority option for environmental protection.

4. Strong ductility and larger packaging surface area

Aluminium has a physical property called ductility, which allows you to machine more surface area and pack more things with the same mass of aluminium than other metals.

5. Reasonable price

Although many catering categories have all used aluminum foil lunch boxes, and even businesses specializing in cooking have also put them into use, there are still a considerable number of catering companies in the wait-and-see stage of aluminum foil lunch boxes, and a large part of the reason is cost.

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