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Boiled Fish with Sichuan Pickles Packaging with Aluminum Foil Container Trays

Release Tme: 2022-09-28
As a national dish that is highly accepted by the public, boiled fish with Sichuan Pickles has long broken through geographical restrictions and has a wide consumer base. Therefore, pickled fish pre-made dishes also have a relatively broad consumer market. For a long time , "the processing of fish fillets is time-consuming, and it is too troublesome to do it yourself" is an obstacle to the integration of pickled fish into the home consumption scene. The emergence of pre-made dishes has solved this problem well, which is also the reason for the popularity of pickled fish pre-made dishes. First, many friends also worry about whether pre-made dishes will be unhealthy and unsanitary. In fact, there is no need to worry. The emergence of aluminum foil packaging for pre-made dishes has solved many such problems. It can be sealed and heated, healthy and safe. We can rest assured. selection of pre-made dishes.

Not long ago, a netizen shared a dining experience on a short video platform: he went to a restaurant to eat, and found that the restaurant's signature dish, boiled fish with Sichuan Pickles, has two prices. one is 98 yuan per catty, and it is sold from 3 catties; classic Pickled fish 98 yuan a piece. A catering friend told him, "The expensive one is made in the kitchen, and the cheaper one is to heat pre-made dishes." In fact, whether it is dining in a restaurant or cooking at home, there is no doubt that many consumers It has gradually accepted the pre-made dishes of pickled fish. From the perspective of business analysis, the above characteristics of pickled fish show that it has a wide consumer base , and the hot and sour taste is highly addictive, which is in line with the tastes of many consumers.

In addition, when the concept of health is popular all over the world, fish, as a high-protein ingredient, has high nutritional value and a very refreshing taste, which is in line with the consumer demand for a healthy diet. These advantages have been implemented in the industry, and the sauerkraut fish track has become hot. When consumers buy pre-made dishes, they tend to choose dishes that they are familiar with and have a good impression of. In addition, many pre-made dishes are now packaged in aluminum foil container trays, which have strong sealing performance, which also adds to the success of pickled fish pre-made dishes.

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