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Aluminum Foil Container- the Good Choice for Takeaway Foods

Release Tme: 2022-09-27
When many friends make their meals takeout, they will definitely encounter unpleasant experiences such as sprinkle soup, and then feel very upset and will give bad reviews to merchants. Then the merchants are also very upset when they see bad reviews. The packaging problem, the quality of the takeaway packaging box directly affects the shopping experience of consumers. For businesses, generally speaking, customers will not take the initiative to give positive comments, but they will take the initiative to give negative comments. Like the barrel effect, you can have no longboards, but you must not have shortboards. The so-called no news is good news. The motivation for a takeaway person to take the initiative to evaluate the business is often not how satisfied the meal is, but how bad the meal is.

Merchants may have a deep understanding of this. If you want to get a five-star praise from users, you have to write a small note, give discounts, send side dishes, and many other means to win. On the contrary, it is very easy to get a one-star negative review if there is a problem in a small link, and most of the negative reviews are effective reviews with pictures and texts. On food delivery platforms, negative reviews discourage users who want to place orders, and also seriously affect exposure. Due to the various negative reviews caused by improper packaging, the proportion of packaging problems in all negative reviews may be far beyond everyone's imagination. A new choice for takeout packaging, many excellent features solve many problems of merchants, reduce the rate of bad reviews, and thus increase the amount of display.

In fact, a good take-out packaging must be functional first. Guaranteed food quality, easy boxing, and easy transportation, all based on reality. The cost of a single package is small, but it adds up. How to balance the added value such as cost performance and brand image requires merchants to grasp according to their own matching customer groups. The existence of products is to meet the material needs of consumers, while the existence of food packaging is to meet the spiritual needs of consumers. A good product needs high-quality packaging to enhance its value, and at the same time bring consumers a more efficient and pleasant visual enjoyment, meet consumers' psychological and spiritual needs, and give full play to the cultural and brand value of the product.

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