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Classification of aluminum foil container

Release Tme: 2022-08-24

Perhaps everyone knows that although aluminum foil lunch boxes are made of a specific material, they are one of many lunch boxes, but they can also be specifically divided into many different types and there are many different varieties. This article will give you a brief introduction to the classification of this kind of lunch box:

Wrinkled and non-wrinkle: From the aspect of surface texture, aluminum foil lunch boxes can be divided into two types: wrinkled and non-wrinkle. These two types of lunch boxes are only different in the surface state of the material, and there is no essential difference. , The use effect is not very different, the difference is mainly in appearance.

Disposable and repetitive: Although most people are exposed to disposable aluminum foil lunch boxes in daily life, in fact, this material is not only a disposable product, but also a lunch box product that can be fully used. of. These two different types of lunch boxes are different in terms of material and craftsmanship.

Cold-rolled or hot-rolled: From the perspective of production, there are two types of aluminum foil lunch boxes: cold-rolled and hot-rolled. This mainly refers to the cold-rolled process used when the lunch box is processed into a lunch box structure when the raw material is produced. It is still a hot rolling process.

Plain foil and coated foil: From a technological perspective, there are two types of aluminum foil lunch boxes: plain foil and coated foil. The former does not undergo any other processing after rolling, and the latter is coated on the surface after rolling. There are various types of resins or lacquers.

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