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Release Tme: 2022-08-17

Is the aluminum foil container not safe in microwave a rumor?


The aluminum foil trays is a new food container for on the world, so it is relatively unfamiliar.

There are two Two opposite views about this item:

Some people have been saying that it is good, but there are also negative points.

However, the plastic tableware has gradually been replaced by aluminum foil products in Europe, the Americas, the Middle East.

As the increase in consumption, people are concerning most on health.

The aluminum foil tray is not only in line with the national food container hygiene standards,

but more importantly, it has adapted to the Current international environmental trends.

Whether the foil container is microwave safe? For this question, we would like it to reply it seriously.

Some aluminum foil containers can be put into the microwave, while some can not.

This is because some aluminum foil was coated on both sides.

For examples, the following two picture is about the foil container with the coating layer and the without one.

aluminum foil traycoated aluminum foil tray

If you want to put the tray with cover into the microwave, the raw materials of the lid are also important.

For the aluminum foil tray, there are many kinds of lid:

Plastic lid, Aluminum foil lid, Heat sealing foil lid, and foil-paper lid, transparent sealing film.

The aluminum foil lid some kind of plastic lid can be put into the microwave,

but we need to take care of heat sealing foil lid, transparent sealing film, and foil-paper lid.

Especially the heat sealing foil lid, it will have some charred smell

if we put them into microwave cause the sealing film will melt.

of a lid which is without sealing film but can seal the foil container well.

foil tray with plastic lids

foil tray with heat-sealing lids

foil tray with heat-sealing lids

The last thing, we would like to share some tips on how to use the aluminum foil container in microwave:

A. Keep it open;

B. At least 80% food volume to be filled tray;

C. The tray should on the center of the turntable;

D. Keep tray away from the wall of the microwave;

E. Use one tray per time.


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